eAcademy – A Learning Web Platform

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Project Overview

Eacademy is a web design project that aims to create a learning platform for aspiring web developers. The project uses HTML, CSS, and WordPress to build interactive and responsive websites and e-shops for real clients.

Eacademy also offers web design courses and tutorials for beginners and intermediate learners, covering topics such as color design, navigation design, UI and UX design, and more.

Navigation on the site is simple and fluid without losing the user’s focus on the important elements. The design is clean and the colors are harmonious. The menus are clear and the buttons are easily accessible.
The site provides a pleasant and efficient experience for visitors.

nstudio has used all its expertise to rethink and design the best of both worlds: simplicity and efficiency.
Eacademy is a great way to learn web design skills and gain work experience with real-world projects.



Logo, UI/UX, Webdesign
Figma, Illustrator, Wordpress